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Reviews for "Echogenesis"

An interesdting concept, not fully imangined.

The fusion of music and surrealist gameplay is intruiging and entertainging but some things just felt missing. I enjoyed the game but there needed to be more interactable aspects in each level to really keep me with it. I think that this would make both a very serene flash and a statement about environmentalism if done correctly. I'd like to request an african safari-esque level if a sequel is made. Also sort out who the player is, are we time, a divine entity, or just a bystander to this? This would be resolved, again, by adding more aspects to each stage. Good Work!


A good oilspill might sort this flash out...

Was okay

It was okay,I just would have liked more to do.


Nice work man! It looks awsome, i was really impressed. The music fits so well with the enviroments, its great. To bad you could only do so little, it would be great if there was more to see and to 'touch'.

Anyway, great job man!


The animation was great, and this was a great interactive experiment. Well done!