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Reviews for "Echogenesis"

Nice atmosphere

You create a nice atmosphere with each environment. I only which that there was more things to interact with or more reactions from interacting with the creatures/environment. Those were some interesting creatures you came up with. Good job.


heh, its fun to mess with for awile, just messing around and stuff... goob job yo.

Quality work

Simple enough so that anyone can appreciate it, but done with a level of quality that shows just how innovative and unique flash can be.

As was probably stated already, it could use some more active content. But otherwise it was a nice change of pace on NG.

Especially liked the music sequence in the spider environment.

Great Graphics....

...but I wish their was actually some sort of goal.

Very unique

I found this quite interesting and unique. I loved the music and the background for each enviroment was very pleasing to look at. The only thing I could say is that perhaps you could have more clickables and draggables? Other than that, wonderful!