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Reviews for "MetalStorm"

Well.. Not to be mean but..

Armor Games will let anything be sponsored by them Now-a-day. To me, armor games is KNOWN for its GOODNESS of games. This is a disgrace. But like all others have said.. Add a storyish plot and you have something. Better luck next time.

ummm... what to say.. but

this game has a good idea to it but you can not get allys and it's to short..... also unable to reload on guns!!!

too short...

the game simple was way too short...and there could have been more enemies...


a lot of

++++ No bugs. Normally wouldn't mention this, but this game is pretty complex...

++ A lot of options. I like that we can select these things.

---- Though I actually feel too many. I doubt many will play through the 60 combinations you have. Maybe offer some guidance as to what you feel is a good mode. Or maybe have a story mode, where we work through some pre-defined levels.

----- I don't like the basic gameplay. To me, it felt mostly down to luck. Victory was hollow. I'd rather bullets did more damage but moved slowly or were somehow 'announced' so we could dodge more through skill than just running around and hoping they don't hit us.

+ textures.

Looks like a lot of work went into this. But I didn't find it any fun.

Just not a realy new or good game.

Dued this game idea has all ready been used it perty old. Even when you do try to out weigh the other games you must have some thing cool and amazeing that the others did not which you lack greatly. Even the sound was screwed up the song dos not mach you may think it sounds cool but its realy a love song not cool for a shooting game.

List of things to fix your game

1. Add more maps and bots
2. Add options to chage music
3. Add more guns and a reload button
4. Add blood and crap
5. If you can make it were you can make your own guy
6. Make it fun and better ai.