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Reviews for "MetalStorm"

Cool, But Way Too Easy

This game has no challenge.

It's cool, but as I said, way too easy.

You need only the pistol to defeat hordes of enemies without dying.


2.More levels.
3.Better graphics,sound etc.

If you make a 2 part, work more on it.


I dunno, it could be a really great game. It just isnt yet. The one thing that threw me off a bit was the fact that you could shoot through walls but not walk through them. If your planning on changing it, thats probably the one thing I'd sujest. also, it'd be pretty cool if you could have other people on your team, and more modes and areas would be nice.

pontentially could be great

this game reminds me of a mulitplayer gam back in the day (no i am not a chav) called jungle war...........this is potentially a great game just needs some work like more levels and more teams and the soundtrack is amazing.....one of my favourite bands.......rammstien!


Its an alright game shame that you win by shooting one guy though.