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Reviews for "MetalStorm"

Good job

Nice job on the music i like them. and the game was pretty fun.

Decent, but needs work

Overall this is a decent flash, but I do have some tips to make it a bit better:

-The soldier moves pretty choppy if you know what I mean, so you should make him walk more fluidly.

-He should make noises when he walks (footsteps)

- Sometimes you win if you only kill one enemy.

-It gets repetitive, throw some powerups or add some more guns
in there!

Overall the flash is passable, but I can see a really nice flash game from you if you just work on it a bit more.

Good job, keep working and you will have a great flash in no time!


Constructive Criticism

-Add more sound effects (walking, etc.)
-Less Du Hast. Add some variety.
-Make it so you can lose a capture the flag match.
-The flags totally look like sperm. As much as I don't want to say it, I have to. Playing "capture the sperm" isn't all that fun.


No offence, but it kinda sucks... better try next time.


I dunno, it could be a really great game. It just isnt yet. The one thing that threw me off a bit was the fact that you could shoot through walls but not walk through them. If your planning on changing it, thats probably the one thing I'd sujest. also, it'd be pretty cool if you could have other people on your team, and more modes and areas would be nice.