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Reviews for "MetalStorm"

Good Game

It's a good game but could use a few more weapons and so weapons that you can pick up when you're out of ammo.Another way to improve it is to make a story of some sort,and make more areas to go to and some different enemies and one or two bosses.All that would be great for a sequel,everything else is fine.
I'll be waiting for the sequel

just some pointers...

It lacks...life meter, better drawing of the characters, and the bullets go through the walls...whats up with that? ah...almost forgot...you need to draw blood!!

MetroidX51 responds:

in life do you see how much health do you have? yeah they can be better! read the reviews before onb teh bullet please! their is blood but does not stay long?!


I only have one problem.....and it's that you don't get allies...I don't care if it doesn't have blood or if the bullets go thru the walls it just needs allies.......and be able to get more enemies/enemies that respawn

not bad

graphics arent great but it was still a good game. its like a stick counter-strike, but it was really really easy. even with lots of opponents it was easy to move out of the way of the bullet. still a good game, only major complaint is graphics but still nice job. 4/5

not 2 bad

its ok but needs some improvements for example:

-more maps
-more ammo! 25 sniper bullets is enough but 200 bullets for a submachine gun is not much (they fire at very fast rate)
-wud be cool if u wont stand alone that u can get some allies
-capture the flag?? enemys wont even try 2 steal urs

what was ok

-graphics are ok and doesnt need improvements except if u want it very graphic intense
-4 weapons r nice
-amount of enemys u want to set in the game

good job though wud like 2 see sum more