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Reviews for "Le Petit Americain Ep. 3"

Viper is amazing!!!

Wow, that was amazing! The graphics rock and the idea of a great design chi with animals is sooo cool! I love it, bring out more :P

That shizzle was crazy for rizzle, and I liked it!

That was an interesting piece. It was wierd, funny, and capitivating. Viper is a cool cat...meow. I hope that french guy gets a spin-off, I think he has a lot of potential. Buffets are quite awesome, glad to see them get their proper back handed compliment in this work.

Kudos to you animator,
Erock (route 41 productions)

See, cute cats=good

Hey, I'm the guy who said you should give the cat a bigger part. And I loved that movie. BANANABREAD!!!

That was... very odd.

My favorite part was the banana bread song.

Okay, I thought this was good, but kinda... made me feel uncomfortable with it's almost advertisement feel. I loved the usage of the Hulk song when they went away... I think the dog and cat montage went on way too long, parts of it were painful- i.e. the Shakespeare was too long. You also had a problem of not showing that the two had totally made a disaster of the house, because they did eat the hamsters and attempt to make food while the masters were out so therefore they should have come home to ruin... or at least some mention of the death of the smaller animals. I do think this had it's nice touches, like the whole perspective of the hamsters was cute, and it definitely had a Japanese explosive feel {not real sure if it seemed anime like.} Especially since a random geisha popped out of an egg, and a dog in a cars salesmen type of voice was persuading the cat almost the whole time.


I allmost when Postal while watching this flash! Pure genious! 5/5