Reviews for "CC - ______ Is Dizzy"

I'm Back

Fifened guys! Nice movie, doubt any of you remember me though huh? Ol' Dread Clock...

A stolen idea reincorporated into something better

With only some minor changes on "AncientDragon" (text "I'm so dizzy" and a clock face) I was half tempted to find the link and blow the whistle for a stolen movie... however, I held back my scepticism and viewed the other sections in which I'm glad I did.
It may not be the most original idea but this song/animation was nicely incorportated and recreated in the users' imagination. Good job

I like the music

What song is this. It's very catchy.

MawOfTheDragon responds:

Loituma - Levan's Polka


It's interesting, kind of weird, but catchy sort of. I went through a few of the clips and they all kind of caught my eye in one way or another, but I would really suggest adding a transparent rectangle to each of the buttons, clicking on just text is usually bad, and with the loopy font, it would really help, I think.


hot stuff.

also why wasn't i informed about this.