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Reviews for "Rarobot"


y'know, that was actually pretty kool. Good job, i enjoyed it!! it had this creepy type feel to it too. I enjoyed it. Thanks!!! :D


what is it? i liked it and hope it gets protected. but i have no idea what it is. i think its an alian ship,anyway its wierd but pretty good.

For me? Great

;) I just like such works ;D interactive and nicely done, with a dose of humor :D great work :D


I like it. It sort of...an interactive artwork.

A little confusing

This was more of an artsy animation that most people that use newgrounds (being 10 year olds at best) would apprecieate(spelled wrong but I dont feel like fixing it). The buttons were a little hard to see and it didnt make much sense. The little animations in the corners were a little confusing because of the wiggling. I liked it but I doubt it will be protected.

TonyGanem responds:

The 90% of the people that visit this site can not understand it, cause they are 16 or less, but I still like it, after years of having it.