Reviews for "Screaming Mushrooms"


lmao dis is like totally yo yo homie dawggin.

alright first high points: interestingly drawn, mushroom tea references, "let's shoot dis shit up" lmao a quote from the alien hominid tribute i do believe which is also quite funny because it reminds me that your ng bbs sig is another quote from that I LOVE A SWF

good stuff guys....

i gotta say...mushroom coulda used nother voice thing...that was awful...but the guy bfor me is right....its missing "something" i cant put my finger on it but yea...besides that loved it

TremcladClock responds:

It's a "screaming" mushroom, what the hell is it supposed to do? "Hey, hey you, I'm a screaming mushroom, I'm not going to scream because it might offend you, but GOD DAMN IT, I'm a screaming mushroom and I'm FEARSOME!"

kinda funny

It's missing something....

Why are these so funny?

IDK why these clock movies are so funny, but they are. This was my favorite one so far. They are hilarious. Again, not sure why, but keep up the good work. ;)


Nice but it was just your glock movie.