Reviews for "Screaming Mushrooms"


Er........... kay. It was an, er.......... okay movie. THe only downside is that I think tha you copied it off a glock group movie. That's what let this flash down. sorry.

TremcladClock responds:

I am the original author of the Glock Group film "TCOF Screaming Mushrooms". This film is virtually exactly the same, with the exception of the different characters and retooled dialogue.

This Shit wuz great

Hey man your great i hate all the clock stuff normally cuz its just a thing with a clock on it and its always flash with no effort on it and no scenario(in my opinion)
But damn this one Rock !!! vry funny...Pedal faster you fat bastarc :P
great job !!!

HAHA very funny

nice shit.

I bet you did almost everything for this.

I voted 5. ^-^ you got it man!!!

TremcladClock responds:

Yes, I did everything for this.



I voted 5, and theres nothing you can do about it.


this was soooo funny i almost fell out of my chair! great work. and the Clock mobile should be an SUV. lol. that way the wheels don't fall off.