Reviews for "Screaming Mushrooms"

This is friggen hilarious!

This was awesome! I still like hurting strawberry clock on interactive buddy tho muhahaha ;..; >:)


this movie was awesome! the graphics were great and it was very funny! I'm only wondering why for brief seconds some of them either turned into other clocks or a glock? keep up the good work!


HAHAHAHAHAHA perfect way to end it "I guess he wasnt such a little cocksucker after all." LOL Thanks for voting, ForkClock!
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Nicely done.

Completely Awesome!

This is the most unique animation I have seen in a long time. I am so glad that people can post more than just Numa Numa and Mario paradies. I loved tihs animation.

this is a diferant but cool movie

i thort this movie waz well made and the maker seems like he spent alot of time on the movie it waz funny had a weard plot and cool charicters (weed leaf)