Reviews for "Screaming Mushrooms"


that was really funny lol =D ( btw very nice use of sound, it made the flash :P )

Nice one Tremclad!

I like how you just changed the symbols around and redid the sound and made a whole new movie hoping to get a dialy award. I find that hilarious! As for the flash itself, I didn't really like it, I think it's because I don't really like movies with plots. I love you Tremclad!

lol nice

i liked evry thing about this well keep up da good work


Whats really funny is the amount of people that are confused by this ^^, and the fact that it got a score higher then the original. Well anyway i loved it and gladly gave it 6-7 fives on my main account.

<3 ShadowBerryClock


these are the kinds of flashes that make me get up in the morning....no wait...thats pancakes...oh well, good job anyways!