Reviews for "Screaming Mushrooms"


Graphics - 10, Self drawn FLAs, Great BG

Style - 10, Clock Crew = Win, Awesome... Awesome Art

Sound - 10, Speakonia, Great voice Acting

Violence - 10, Raspberry falled of the Sofa

Interactivity - 10, Play Button

Humor - 10, Fun!

Overall 10, Win

Great, hope to see more.


TremcladClock responds:


Very Good!

Graphics - Very well drawn, sahded, etc. Animation was fluid as well.

Style - Very good CC flash this one.

Sound - The music was great. Sound effects were all in sync. Perhaps the Screaming Mushroom scream could have been a bit more better on the speakers though. Had to turn it down quickly.

Violence - Quite none existent but the little bit that did was used very effectivly. Not really the kind of flash that is violent so it doesn't matter I suppose.

Interactivity - Play button. Not rellevant since this was a flash movie.

Humour - Very well used. Not laugh out loud funny for me, but it was still funny. The part at the end was also quite nice. The "Suck a nut" part was also quite funny for its randomness.

A quite good movie

I liked the comedic timing, the detail and the plot.

here's some things to improve upon:

when you test the movie, make sure there's no blank white parts on screen, the spots are small but it really catches my eye. that's why whenever I make a background, I make sure to cover more than the whole screen.

I see that you changed some of the clocks around, but I can see the old symbols in certain keyframes, so make sure you proofwatch it for any goofs like that, including when the caption said "cranberry".

I'd also suggest finding new voices to add to the speakonia engine, the old variety seems limited after what Strangeclock used.

TremcladClock responds:

This movie was a direct adaptation of "TCOF Screaming Mushrooms", a movie I made a long time ago, basically all I did was change the Glocks into Clocks, I got daily 2nd for 15 minutes of work.

:D and :D!

yes, yes this was worth for the CC! Awesome graphics, funny and pointless, great jokes, and everything great! Excellent work with this! Goes straight to collection!


i liked this GREAT parody! also its VERY creative (mehehe)