Reviews for "All In A Day's Work"

Love that TF2

*Fixes tie*

all cool but

he looks like a douche...then again he is a spy i change my normal from 8 to 10 star


Would you PLEASE tell me how you do your lines and export them so cleanly? do you ink traditionally or in some software??? I love this piece and all your other ones.

Forte7 responds:

For these ones, I used the freeware program, Inkscape. I just made sure to have a good, solid clean pencil lineart, which I get by tracing over my initial sketch. Afterwards, I scan the picture in and use the Trace Bitmap feature on Inkscape.

I actually have a tutorial up on my DA. Here's a link to it for you: http://forte-girl7.deviantart.com/art/Lineart-In-Inkscape-119390708