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Reviews for "PJ Wireless6: Doughnuts"

Good potential

Great humor. Graphics weren't all that bad. I liked the pigeons! They were funny as hell. I did not like the main characters voice though. It was annoying after some time. Overall I enjoyed the cartoon and hope to see more of this story. Thanks for the laughs.

...I like butter...

lol, loved it. Humor was really good, and very random. Theres my laugh for the night. Keep it up!


that episode was freaking great!!!!! That was great! When Al just came out of nowheres was mad funny!!! I love when he randomly said.. "I like butter!" It was hilarious. This is my favorite episode yet!! good job guys for this video and getting the site back up since someone hacked it earlier in the month! By the way... the 1st shout out..sounded like the guy was freaking drunk or stoned as hell.

=] Looking forward to more of your videos!!! =]
By the way,
congratulations on Portal Award =]

Best Regards,


please hammer, don't hurt them. explain, well it seeems to fit so i guess its ok. it was funny. want more? what am i?


This movie is really great it made my stomach hurt from laughing so hard!NC Rules!