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Reviews for "she is kind"

such a calm song!

but wait, you composed this for an eroge?
whoa... would have never expected that.
but regardless, peace and kindness really resonate from this song.

vibe-newgrounds responds:

Well, this game will have the "ero" content at minimum, so it's better consider it just a visual novel. Thanks for review. :)


BTW, way to step it up a notch at 0:40! That was nice. ^_^

Very Relaxing

I have wake up today, (5 AM) and I started by listening this calm song...


Sounds like something that would be in MapleStory in the Good old days, when it wasn't so bad and heartless. Happy I found this song...


Makes me feel like I'm in love. The beats have peaceful, calming and sensual moods and it's awesome. Very nice job. Is there harp in this?

vibe-newgrounds responds:

No, acoustic guitar. Based on sample libraries. :)