Reviews for "Thunder Storm"

yay gore...

i am a fan of your work keep it up your still in my top 5 newgrounds artists

GoreBastard responds:

Ultimate 3 year late review response of doom!!

Thanks dude

YOu made my stoned day with this song, thanks!

GoreBastard responds:



Seems alot like i've heard the riff in the first 40 seconds before though..Still an awesome song.

GoreBastard responds:

Yeah, that riff at 40 seconds... Haha, I completely ripped of 'Heathens Song' by erm, Heathen! Check that song out if you've not heared it!

holy shit! err... un-holy.. i guess...

dude this song killed me with its awesomeness
and riff... ness... i don't know, it was good. Shut up.

GoreBastard responds:

Haha thanks man! Yeah, I made this one in about less than 1 hour after the one before it got shit on by fucking zero voters! Cheers for listening!

in your face action displayed in song

I gotta give you credit man, ur one of the best guitar players i have ever heard. Almost all of the stuff u have is completly origonal, and this song is no differnt.

GoreBastard responds:

WOOO! Thanks alot mate! Reviews like this make my day! Thanks very much for the awesome words of power!!!