Reviews for "Thunder Storm"

I like it

It's nice to hear music like this. I'm so sick of the Nu-metal bands that only know power chords.
Great riffs and great leads dude!!!

GoreBastard responds:

Cheers mate. Yeah, fuck all of that Nu-Metal bullshit. Nothing beats old-school, straight up brutal pounding death/thrash metal. This is what soldiers should listen to when they are shooting the fuck out of rag heads.

Thanks again for the cool review!


Dun dun dun dun dun! You should do a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover and call it Mystyr Wyde. That was cool. Zero voters best keep their filthy mits off this or I'll bite their fingers off for you. JEAH!

GoreBastard responds:

haha. Thanks. Zero voters are shit. My faith in newgrounds has just been restored. I left my computer for a few hours to have some beers with my mates, and when I come back on, the song has boosted up in score. Thanks to all of you fucking Newgrounds dudes who voted on this.

Also, it would rule to do a Skynyrd cover, but I can't play any of their songs... Yet!

Holy shit...

I'm running out of things to say about your songs. You are just too fucking awesome... I... I don't know... you just kick ass...

GoreBastard responds:

Cheers dude. I made this out of anger because my previous one got shit on by zero bastard voters! Haha.

Thanks for the cool review.