Reviews for "Thunder Storm"

Brutal shit dude.

This was fucking brutal man, I liked it, really heavy shit, what more can I say? Good fucking job man.

GoreBastard responds:

Thanks alot mate. I liked your latest one. It fucking chooled! (Chooled = Ruled!)

Keep your stuff up mate.


Have u ever seen that shit film called Dune with the big fuck off worms? beggining of this sounds like the music in Dune.Anyway this kicks arse! I noticed you put in a few blast beats aswell!!! JEAH!! Kill The Kweers!!

GoreBastard responds:

Yeah, blast beats are fucking chool. Never seen Dune though. It should be called Coon instead........

Also, I remembered what you meant when I said that Octapus gave me a boner. It was sexy.

GoreBastard strikes again

Great tune man.It sounded more powerful than the original and I really liked how you led into the solo it was bad ass.As always your tunes are totally badass keep it up.

GoreBastard responds:

Cheers mate. This is the review for Rot in Fucking Hell, so I'll respond to it here!

Thanks mate, I was a bit pissed to see this song get shit on when I first uploaded it, but the true metal heads came out and gave me some decent votes. While I'm typing, I'll just say this:

You fucking Newgrounds metal artists who give me support are fucking awesome. Thanks alot. Beers on me motherfuckers!

Slayer/Metallica? Killer.

Dude -- nice chops you got there. You can definitely hear the Slayer influence in your playing [and maybe a little Kirk in the leads?]. Very good shit, and very good recording quality.

What do you use to record?

GoreBastard responds:

Thanks alot mate. Actually, I hate to admit it, but I suck at leads. I'm more of a rhythm guitarist.

The program I use is Cubase SX, and I use a Line 6 Guitar Port, which plugs into the computer. Also, I use acoustica beatcraft for my drums. It's cool shit.

Thanks for the cool review mate.

Shit. No, brilliant. Yeah, brilliant.

Ok - You, compared to me. You beat me in every way, Dood. Man, I'm starting to feel like shit with all this kick-ass music going around.

GoreBastard responds:

Damn. That's not cool to think that mate! Your music is fucking awesome. One of the reasons I get alot of reviews and shit, is because I've been here longer than you. In time, you will get the same fanbase as me. And then we will both rule the metal section of the Audio Portal!

Also, thanks for the cool fucking review dood.