Reviews for "Thunder Storm"

I tend to stay more toward the instrumental rock

But I must say this kicks ass. This is all you? You layered well. I dont know enough about guitar to critique any of your riffs and whatnot, however i do plan on learning. Towards the end you had a little too much going on...when the double bass goes off. It got just a little choppy. The solo really wasnt loud enough. as far as i can tell, it was good, you should crank it up. It ended a little abruptly. I would have faded out the solo or just closed it off better

GoreBastard responds:

Thanks mate! Yeah, it's all me and my drum program. I always have a problem getting the solo's at the right level. It's something I should work on, but I focus more on the background music more than the solo's.

Anyway, cheers for the review mate.

praise the drunkbasturd of gore!!!!!

not as good as mega pissed off or provoked to fucking kill but still amazes the fuck out of me....... i like ur style cuz i converted to metal since i stop liking that gayass rap music so i dont have much of a taste in metal and u kinda made me get into more of that metal shit so i thank u from getting me out of rap musics evil spell,paulwallis a poser...and please respond....if ur not britsh press 333 if u r then i dont i dont really care that much...

GoreBastard responds:

Hahaha, thanks mate. I'm glad I was involved in converting you from rap music to heavy metal.

Erm, about the 333 British thing. I'm too drunk to understand, so I'll just say, yeah I'm English. It's pretty cool here sometimes!

Thanks for checking it out mate!

Yo! Awesome as always!

This is awesome like the rest....long time since i last reviewed your trax...anyway great song...cheers!

GoreBastard responds:

Thanks mate. I thought you were dead!!!

Anyway, thanks alot for checking it out mate.


how long u'f bin playing tha guitar? :-)

GoreBastard responds:

I've been playing for around 5 years. I'm a rhythm guitarist though, solo's arn't my strong point. I heared your stuff though, and I gotta say, it's fucking awesome. You kick ass at playing guitar. I gave your stuff 5/5!
It's always good to see new tallented artist putting stuff on here.

Thanks for the review mate.


It seemed very out of key to me, and the author didn't quite nail down the harmonic, or the riff right before hand. All in all its an ok song though.

GoreBastard responds:

The harmony sounded fine to me, and so did the riff. So I have to say, I disagree with what you have said. But, thanks for checking it out and giving it a decent score anyway :-)