Reviews for "God & The Scientists"

Rofl....good one

gj....quite a clever ending...

Godlimations responds:



I, being a pagan, found this hilarious! That has got to be the ultimate punchline.

Well done!

Catch Phrase for the Milinium

That's is man, you got it...

You made my day, really...
and you quantified all of science in one statement...
my new motto...

"You get your own dirt."

Godlimations responds:

ahah indeedeth!

Great stuff.

I love how at the beginning the style is so serious, it seems like it's very... Serious. The graphics are great, the voices done well, it's like it's actually happenning. The story is quite compelling.

I like the twist at the end, very nice.

It's really hard to review this, just watch it, you won't be sorry.

Those scientists got owned

@atheistskillz: Hell, i'm atheist too but that doesn't mean that this isn't funny.

Now I haven't read the bible or anything so I wouldn't know too much, but I still thought this was hilarious, much like the other one you did :)