Reviews for "God & The Scientists"

Uh...so they'd be schizophrenic

If they heard voices coming from the sky...
and the dirt is an amalgamation of elements formed in supernovae
i don't remember reading anything about that in the christian bible,
of course that story book doesn't explain anything, just stops people
asking questions.
5 for animation tho.

"No, no, no. Get your OWN dirt."

Best line ever. Hilarious.

(Side note: Atheists trying to put a limit on something limitless, make visible the invisible, and knowing the unknowable, is just damn funny.)

Keep making these awesome videos, and God bless.


that was a good one

that was funny

get your own dirt lol

I never knew god was a comedian.

First i thought that's interesting and then i saw the end and thought something like god got ya guys, :D