Reviews for "God & The Scientists"

Wonderful animation!

I myself am an atheist, and of course I find this a very humorous.
The animation and drawing is great, voice acting is also wonderful and the storyline is awesome.

This is a brilliant animation!



Clever, but disppointing

Overall I'm going to ignore the storyline since that's not what was wrong here. It was clever and made its point well. In fact, it made me laugh. Kudos with concept and most of the script; it was well written.

The animation was not so admirable. I'm no artistic genius, but when God is a blip in the sky, the scientists are going to be the visual focus of the scene, so they should be given enough attention to remedy bad hair and shoulders like gorillas. Unless that's satire within satire.

The voice acting was a little weak, clear and concise, but soft and a little awkward. My moment of disconnect was when God challanged upstart scientists to a "man-making" competition for...what purpose?

Otherwise, clever punchline interesting development, needs to be further refined for me to take it seriously.


God just stuck it to the scientists. Very nicely done.

Well done...

Good animation, quality and quite funny.

On a side note all you need is a controlled small discrepancy in quantum foam creating a minature universe and free energy and a fusion reaction.