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Reviews for "Plops Tournament DX"

Nice Game

for me, the scores seem to be not in the window all the way to the top but the game is good.

ReduxGames responds:

If u wait 5 seconds, they will scroll


That was fun, its definetly going into my favorites, very creative, even better graphics. Nice work, Nice work...

ReduxGames responds:

THANK YOU, I worked very hard to impliment all of the feedback from the previous version

gay sex

good gameplay. i just want you to reply to this. woot. wow; i'm tired.

we're all going to die very soon. yeah?

ReduxGames responds:

Thanks man, incidently my fiance is watching broke back mountain right now...

Obviously oustanding

This is brilliant, but there's just one bug you need to eliminate - the right-click menu. It's very easy to right-click and select "Forward" or "Back" and ruin the whole game.

Use this script in your first frame to eliminate this problem:

// Custom Right-click menu //
var myMenu = new ContextMenu();
myMenu.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem("E-mail me", itemHandler0));
myMenu.customItems.push(new ContextMenuItem("Goto the 2nd frame", itemHandler1));
myMenu.customItems[1].separatorBefore = true;
//this will add a separator between the two items
function itemHandler0(obj, item) {
getURL(mailto: etc etc);
function itemHandler1(obj, item) {
_root.menu = myMenu;

As you can see, keep adding handlers to get more parts to the menu.

ReduxGames responds:

THANKS MAN, i just hit 6000 views... this sux because i can't update the flash anymore than easily , but it will make into the next release, :) thanks so much


I thought itd just be a typical puzzler, I was wrong, this is excellent. I dont think I saw anything as advanced, as creative or mind twisting in my whole life on this website! PRAISE THE LORD!

ReduxGames responds:

Thanks so much for all of you who realy took the time to understand it, just sux that there are trolls who give u 0z for nothing