Reviews for "Mario the Emo"

Emos bring it on themselves.

Great video. I'm tired of emos myself, always trying to catch attention with their 'oh woe is me' crap.

i agree with emokid44

stop picking on emos...... well i guess urs isnt as bad as others ive seen.... atleast this one didnt have mario sliting his wrist or commiting suiside..... cuz as people should realize from this THAT EMOS ARE ONLY DEPRESSED!!! EMO IS SHORT FOR E-M-O-T-I-O-N-A-L god....


hahaha that was hilarious and if the six flags music backrgound didnt give you a seiziour.....


Rather good choice of sounds and movements. That is so true about emos.


It was decent enough and good story to it but am i the only one who finds emo's too much of an easy target i mean anyone can make fun of them come on find something harder to make fun of