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Reviews for "ClickDragType 2"

First part of walkthrough

Took me almost 2 hours but i made it!

And for those stuck here's a walkthrough don't continue reading if you want the (huge) satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Level 1
You can drag the key into the blue box and then you can see that you have to lower certain parts of it to allign the green parts to form a lign.
Then you can use the upper part of the screen where you just have to move the little window from square to squarre to see numbers wich you have to write in the box.

Level 2
First click the lock and move one of the buttons to the other side to turn it's volume down.
Click the lock again and then you can turn the other button to decide to wich calculation you want to listen to (the numbers below will change to show you where to fill the answer in)
Repeat it for the second one and your're done.

Level 3
First move the little circles up and down, you will notice they change color: top of the screen they will be the color of one of the top wires and vice versa at the bottom of the screen, connect these wires, repeat for all four then pick up the phone and listen to the numbers.
Fill these in in the box and you're done.

Level 4
You can either just fill in the numbers right away namely 2/10/5/9
Or you can find out what they mean, well if you turn and move the pieces the right way (look at the symbols for this) then you can see numbers through the glasses.

Level 5
First go over the light in the top left corner, then select the key, this will give alow you to see what you need to ake when you take the thingy over your block.
Then all that's left to do is edit your block part by part.
First of all selecting wich part to change the shape of.
You do this by clicking the arrows, then you click the image of the part until it's the same as what you need, repeat this for all the parts and your halfway.
As for the coloring you can stop it from coloring all parts by clicking those squares on the machine, they disable the paint in that part.
Once you've done all this go over the light again and now select the checklist, if you didn't mess up you will have finished it.


20-24+4 NO!!!! That one was hell lol


Can some one tell me how to do #6-9 please!!!!!!!!!!

I have alot of respect for you.

This game was amazing. You must have spent a very long time figuring out how to make these puzzles work, and making sure everything was right. There are a few puzzles left that I have not figured out yet. One being the damn boards and the nail gun. I don't know why, but I just can't seem to figure it out. I would love to see another one of these as soon as humanly possible. You know what. If I were you i would talk with Nintendo and see if you can get a game with lots of these puzzles on the DS. That little system would be perfect for these. Then my brain could hurt at work as well. Thank you very much for this. Oh I think you should give hints in your games for these idiots, but make them into really hard riddles just to aggrivate them more.


how do you do #6 PLEASE tell me how to do number 6