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Reviews for "ClickDragType 2"


ok ok it took me an hour cause I went afk for half, and lvl 7 was annoying cause I didn't know I could move those damn circles... the rest was easy but fun. Thank you.


This was great. You really know how to put that brain to some use!


Not bad, some instruction would be helpful. I figured it out pretty quick though. You really have to think on some of them.

My total time was 00:55:23, and that's with out the walk through, which I now see exists.

i really want to help make the next one but....

i dont know how to use actionscript to its full potential.
Glitch:when u go to the ninth level and u succeed with the arrow,if u click the brown bar instead the arrow goes away and u cant do anything,plz disable the drag ability wen the arrow appears


Awesome. I adore puzzles and might I say this gave me one heck of a challenge, though I eventually ended up getting it in roughly 1 1/2 hours. Cool, though. Wish there were more. Can't wait for the next one!