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Reviews for "ClickDragType 2"

Great Game

It take me 53 minutes to do all 10 puzzles. There is no instructions but if you always try to move everything you will do this without any problems.

If you haven't played yet, you should.

This game was HARD!!!

I had(almost)no problem with the first puzzle, the second one, or the third one... but im really stuck on #4... can i possibaly get some help anywhere? OH... 1 more thing, im sick of ppl complanig about no instructions... ITS A PUZZLE GAME!!! He's not going to tell you how to solve each level!!! Use your mind... thats what it was made for!

WOOO!!! 39 minutes!

This is great! I managed to finish it in 39 minutes. The hardest three where 7, 8 and 9. Need a hint? Check things to see if you can move them or rotate them. it took me ages to do 9, until i found something you can move! Just try movibng the mouse around a little before you start clicking things. If you can move it, the curor should change. keep that in mind.

Blows my sox off!!!!!

This thing is amazing. It has so many diffrent puzzles that are nothing alike so it gets your brain working without over working it and most of them are so amazing and fun. I even did it 5 times!

very good and confusing!

quite fun! make even more! these hurt my brain! keep it up!