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Reviews for "ClickDragType 2"


To the park below me with the level 8 stratagy:

You just gave a stratagy for level 7 mate.

Anyway back on topic most of the game is great but there's a serious screw up in term of glitches on level 8. I've got a log completly clean, it's not touching any of the extreme dark grey areas, it's cleanly in both areas and yet both boxes come up with a giant red X.

These two boxes are the green arrow and the one just a bit north west of it, either you made a SERIOUS screw up in the angles and had it so only one angle and one size would do it (Which makes it literally about 1 million to 1 chance of getting it, LITERALLY) or it's a huge glitch in the game.

Puzzle 8 really doesn't belong in there, it's not logic, all the other are great because they're logic but puzzle 8 has no logic involved, just dumb luck.

Please reply if I'm doing something wrong, here's what my diagram looks like, - and | are wood and O are boxes, > is a diagnol piece of wood. Can anyone please show me where I've gone wrong, the > in the diagram just displays as wrong no matter how clean the angle is.


| |
| |
| O
| >

Absolutely incredible

I have no sound here at work, so I figured out I am unable to do at least two puzzles. But I plan on continuing them at home.

WOW...phenomenal idea. I can't believe you put this much thought into it. And the way things work out to form numbers, different colors...genius. A few tips to those who are lost (some been said before, repeating don't hurt none).

- In the puzzle with the circles and tool, when you place the circles in the correct spot, you will know.
- The measuring object in the cutting platform puzzle CAN BE MOVED from measuring the distance to measuring the cut of the wood. Took me a bit to figure that out...d'oh

That's it. Tremendous work. Please make more, Newgrounders need this kind of brain exercise to keep them mentally healthy after playing hours of Ganguro Girl and Dad & Me.

I dont normally review flash

this game took me like an hour it was so cool. i loved it ten out of ten. worked out my brain a bit too.

absolutely magnificant

I finally beat it. The problem was that the last times I had played it, my computer's sound wasn't working. lol.

Really good

Very very good puzzles and really well thought out....One of the best puzzles i've played...keep em coming....don't know how you come up with these puzzles...they're mad, but really possible to complete :)