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Reviews for "ClickDragType 2"

Very nice.

Great puzzle, it wasn't too hard, and it wasn't too easy. Didn't fustrate me at all, and it was actually solvable, it's great going "OHH I get it!" :P Good stuff.


Loved this game. A real test of reasoning and logic. Took me a while, but it was well worth it.

Amazing game. Good job,

Most impressive!!

This is a good way to build your mind!!!


The best puzzle game I've ever played. I feel ashamed for having a final time of 2:08:53, but at least I did it. Level 6 really had me stumped. I knew what shape to make, but couldn't get the boards to cooperate. 7 also made me think quite hard. 8 was easy. 9 was extremely long. I'd say at least 45 minutes was spent between 6 and 9. 10 was my favorite, very fun and nice music. Great game, I look forward to a third!

Simply fantastic

I must say it took my 1:13:19, the hardest were 4 and 7 for me. Can I add though a recommendation to not do this when you've had 'a little' to drink, makes it really fun but damn hard. Simply loved it though, MAKE MORE PLEASE!!