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Reviews for "ClickDragType 2"

Excellent game, possible bug

So many games are lame immitations of existing games, but this has unique puzzles I've never seen anywhere else.
I wonder if there may be a bug in the log one (#8?) all logs are down and highlighted in green except the shortest one, but the system doesn't seem to want to accept it. I've thought other things were bugs, only to realize I just didn't get it - but in this case it does look like one.
But excellent work either way

A very good game indeed...

Very original game and it's challenging! Took me an hour and one minute to do all ten puzzle, so it did kept me occupied for a while lol. Really looking forward to see more!


This was a great game. It's tough at first but it's possible to beat, even for some of the more slow people. I think the ones that rate this 0 are a little "dee dee dee"

Violence - 1 because of the nails and the saw in the wood lol


damn... it took me awhile... 1:16:28 to be precise =) but I finished every puzzle! good work man! keep doing stuff like this... excercises your brain quite a bit

Hate it and love it at the same time

I love this game! Extremely challenging! I can't figure out level 6!!! Grrrr!!!!!