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Reviews for "ClickDragType 2"


this is the most clever and the absolute best game i have ever played on Newgrounds. very good job and i hope for a sequel.

A good challenge

Not bad, not bad.... I managed to figure out number 9. I finished it all in 1:23:56. I'd like to see a sequel.

Btw, I wrote down the code for 9. If anybody needs it, or just an explaination of how I did it, message me.


Love it
just one problem
HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET NO. 9!??!!??!!?!??!?!(Help would be greatly appreciated)

Great puzzle game!

So far I've beaten all the levels but 6 and 9. I think I get 6, it's just hard, is all. But 9-WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

Hard Puzzles are Hard

Thanks. I feel even stupider now. lol Very challenging, great way to kill some time.