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Reviews for "ClickDragType 2"

Wow! Positively magnificent.

Very well thought out. I enjoyed figuring the puzzles out with no directions. This is a wonderful concept and i would love to see many more games like this. It is very engaging and I thank you for allowing me to turn the sound off so that I could play my own music. Wonderful job!

not my style at all...

its ok but not interesting enough

Pretty Awesome

I love the concept, It really makes you think, Great Job.


It was a very unique game, but there are a few problems. The main one is that on the phone one, it was almost impossible to hear, so I turned the volume WAY up just to hear it well. Then I forgot to turn the volume down, so the main screen music, along with my blown bass probably vibrated half the house. I would have favorited this but CDT3 has this and new some puzzles already.
It was a good game.

very innovative and challenging

ive been amazed by these games since i first played them 2 years ago and they still havent lost anything of their charm. id love to see more of these sometime, great job!