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Reviews for "Strawberry Goes Camping"

Very Nice

Crust, you have truly become an amazing animator, similar to Strange and Turd. Your animation is amazing, and makes up for some of the backrounds :D

CrustClock responds:

Thanks for the review, Sir! Strange and Turd are definatley a large influence on my films, in the early days, if I didn't know how a character should move when he talked I would take a look at 21OCS or TurdClock's Journey 3.

I love it!

This was a great movie. I'm adding it to my favorites. And I am not a clock. I get so tired of hearing people talk badly about clock movies because a great deal of them are really great. Your graphics were wonderful. Everything looked professional. I also gave you a ten in sound because it is hard to pull off good sound using the computer voices, but you did. Everything was easily understood and you also used a perfect selection of music. It was a funny movie. You included several background characters which is something I think is very important in any flash movie. It shows you did "your homework" and put some thought into your background. It also had a wonderful point: you don't neccessarily have to learn a lesson, to have a good time. Great job! Congrats on making the front page, and hope to see more from you soon.

CrustClock responds:

A woman with taste! <3

very god

I hate the copyright thing whith the clock,the voices i think that they are made by windows voice,cas they sound so robotic.
very good flash.

this is the best clock crew movie ever

i like the way this movie shows tropacana clock

the ki1o part is very funny when piny says (you low funcun cux you gay)

awsome film

awsome film i find this on of the funniest clockcrew films out there