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Reviews for "Strawberry Goes Camping"

Wow, that was hillarious!

Man, I wasn't expecting that to be so awesome! But it sure was. The best part was with the 3-D effect, that was swell. Great job.

it was ok, but i h8 clocks

I think this was a movie with good graphics and everything, but it was not funny. plus i don't like the way the clock crew stays consistantly the "lord of the portal" because of one guy having like, twelve NG accounts and voting for himself. play fair! Hey... i belive I will make a flash called "The Lord of the Portal"

CrustClock responds:

Awsome! Tell me when it's finished.

Another Quality Clock Crew work

There are the lame clock crew works, and then there are peices like this. Hilarious with great animation. :D


Hey love, how is life treating you? Wonderful flash you have here. <3

I love it!

This was a great movie. I'm adding it to my favorites. And I am not a clock. I get so tired of hearing people talk badly about clock movies because a great deal of them are really great. Your graphics were wonderful. Everything looked professional. I also gave you a ten in sound because it is hard to pull off good sound using the computer voices, but you did. Everything was easily understood and you also used a perfect selection of music. It was a funny movie. You included several background characters which is something I think is very important in any flash movie. It shows you did "your homework" and put some thought into your background. It also had a wonderful point: you don't neccessarily have to learn a lesson, to have a good time. Great job! Congrats on making the front page, and hope to see more from you soon.

CrustClock responds:

A woman with taste! <3