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Reviews for "Strawberry Goes Camping"

A good clock flash?????

Holy shit!!! This was something That I never would have expected from the clock crew...

A:There was actually a plot
B:You actually put some work into it
C:It actually made me giggle
D:The subtitles were much appriciated

If only more of the clock crew would actually put thought into their work....
Crustclock is officaly my favorite clock
I have just one question...
Why do clocks insist on using that voice that noone in there right/wrong/or left mind can stand......I truly belive the creator of that computerized voice should be burned at the steak.....you would have gotten a better score if Every word was just a reall voice(differen't for each character) saying unintelligable giberrish

CrustClock responds:

I like the computerised voices :)

Great Stuff.

Clock crew has come along way, great stuff, keep it coming.

wake up and smell the flash

dude you should really WATCH a movie efour you go gettin all pissed about it, and besides the clock crew does really good work

Do any of you guys hear Motorhead?

That was the funniest thing! Aside from Ki10 running to "Ace of Spades." I couldn't stop laughing! Great job!


Hey guy uhmm how do I get the time I wasted watching this back?
It had it funny parts but it was just plain stuipd...