Reviews for "Dress Up The Stick vPi+1"


I enjoyed it although I think there should be a few more items to select from. I still thought it was pretty nice though. Keep it up!

better than expected.

Pretty good, and the clothes actually fit like they belonged on there. Good job, and good luck

old. but..

this has been done so many times..but this one actually isnt too shabby. itd be cool if someone just took this and went really far. with diff people. hundreds of items and things. the music was a cool touch also. nothing awesome, but this could be good. i dont know if this will make it though.

totally frikken awesome!!!!!!!

dood,good soundtrack awesome parts, even a skateboard totally awesome you should make another one!


I LOVE THE SONGS! THEY FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!!!! The stickman is damn cool too ^^