Reviews for "Dress Up The Stick vPi+1"


MAke a Second With More Stuff i wish i gave it a 5 now


That has to be the coolest looking stickfigure I have seen in a long time. I loved the clothes and extras. And the music rocked. I am very pleased. You brought back my love of dress ups.


After seeing the title, I thought, "Oh, great, a n00b submitted a crappy stick figure move/crappy dress up game!"
After seeing the filesize, I thought, "Oh great, this n00b can't optomize his/her music." because most n00b movies either have no sound and tiny filesize or poorly optomized sound.
After playing the game, I decided that I was wrong and gave you my protection.
And the moral of this story is, "No one can tell you what the quality of a movie/game is. You must see it for yourself."

its really good man

the game is pretty good nice job artist!!
the B.G. music is awesome
the writing is good
the character and clothes and itens are good

just two things

make a frowny mouth and possibly a print button