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Nothing more to say. This is pretty good for experimental.

And ClayWay, who said that the author hasn't done any flash before joining Newgrounds? Shoot yourself, idiot.


in regard to that last review, he probably didn't steal much, since most of his posts are short and low scoring... but this was a good flash. not sure .... why.... the title... is.... BITEY FUCKS FOAMY.... and i should have failed it for that... Are you begging for attention? cuz we aren't your parents... put in a real title that actually reflects the FUCKING ANIMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the name fucked it up

I thought it was a good expirmental flash, and worth a spot on NG

but with the name you gave it everbody wants to see brackenwood and foamy, and so they blam you:P


that was wierd. It made me sick. Rated..10 :D

not bad

pretty good... but why the name? looks like something u'd see in a drug induced halucination or somethin.... keep up the good work...