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Misleading but..

Not bad at all, like the effects, it fit quite well with the music.


besides the fact i was disapointed it didnt have anything to do about foamy it had awsome effects and thats y i gave it 5


what in the world is THIS! I actually can't stand artists using other artists work for either amuzement or abuse. okay, yes. some flashes may seem annoying to you, but that doesn't mean you can mess with them, you are only going to anger those fans around you.

however, as the animation had nothing to do with the charcters. im going to let you have a 6/10 and 2/5. A miss leading title! that's it...


I'm confused... for some reason all I saw was this funky techno thing. I saw no two characters of very different backgrounds butt bumping. That would of been a tad scary, but the name caught my eye...

Poor Foamy!

His ass will hurt for days.