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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"

that was really good

that was a cool video i thought it was funny when gaara was singing bad day and for all those ppl who gave you a bad rating and sent you a bad reivewe i dont think they could make a better video "naruto uzamaki"

Snes737 responds:

Thanks :)

nice work

I love the Gaara lip syncing Bad Day by Daniel Pewter. Major points for using that song.


it was o.k.

i never knew that henata was a girl/boy, scary, man y the fack is her mouth all the on her noise!?!?!?

You got this from ultimatenarutofanflash didnt you

Well its ok its just that it gets boring if the person isnt moving the only this you basicly animated were the mouth movements. but like you said there will be idiots who know nothing of naruto and vote zero soo.. I'll be nice and give you a 5 ^^

Snes737 responds:

The title is right(but because its one of my favorite flashes) and thanks for that 5!

Cool for a first.

Very nice. However... you probably should work on Gaara. He Just doesnt look right. Also the songs were a bit fuzzy... work on smoothing out the song. I recommend using Soundforge or something like that.

Oh... and by the way... I died a bit on the inside when Hinata was singing.

Snes737 responds:

Watch the second :)