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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"


good for a laugh... the graphics where a lil bit harsh other than that just put some more effort into it

Snes737 responds:


lOL gave u a 5

because i just started crackign up when the DDR part came up, it was like "almost" "almost" "almost" and then like millions came lol, he was all like 0_0'

Snes737 responds:

Thats what I was going for!

Good lipsync

Ok, the art was really good for beign done completely in flash (especially hinata), tought they looked weird. You should fix hinata's lipsync. You could try some kind of story or theme for your animation, like a singing contest or some crap like that.

Snes737 responds:

Singing contest! Wow thats a cool idea I never thought of that Ill have to remember it.

Man that was awesome!!!!!!

if this was your first flash, it was a good one!!! make others. Oh, and if you drew the characters yourself, then your a good artist

Snes737 responds:

Wow thanks man!