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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"

This was actually pretty good!

Pretty good, I liked your drawings, you're a pretty good artist, but it was off sync at times. I liked the songs and the... style, I guess, and it was funny. Plus I like Naruto, so that helps! Good job, I hope this gets protected!

Snes737 responds:

I hope it does too!


Ever hear of 'Ultimate Naruto Showdown'? You pretty much copied the idea, with crappier art.

Snes737 responds:

'Ultimate Naruto Showdown' you mean ultimate Nartuo Fan flash? And yes its my number 2 favorite flash and I liked it so much that I made one my self sue me!

You got this from ultimatenarutofanflash didnt you

Well its ok its just that it gets boring if the person isnt moving the only this you basicly animated were the mouth movements. but like you said there will be idiots who know nothing of naruto and vote zero soo.. I'll be nice and give you a 5 ^^

Snes737 responds:

The title is right(but because its one of my favorite flashes) and thanks for that 5!


It was funny, but....... it was mostly creepy. Seriously, i dare somebody to watch this with the lights out.

P.S. I gave it 3's because it kinda dazed me.

Snes737 responds:

Dazed? Creepy? Ummmmmm... Okay...

hmmm it was decent

was like the naruto fanflash, but eh guess theres a bunhc, yea work on lip and musiic and such. but hmm good works

Snes737 responds:

I really like SnowDragon(maker of Naruto Fan flash(look at my profile)) so I wanted to make a flash like his.