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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"

Very nice.

Pretty good,What was the song you used for when Gaara was dancing like DDR, I love that song!

Snes737 responds:

Darude Sandstorm

Pretty Cool

Yeah what were the songs you used??? ^ ^

Snes737 responds:

What would Brian Botono(sp?) do
Dont you forget about me
Bad day

i don get it

it looks so weird
but it isnt that funny at all
but the sound was ok i guess

Snes737 responds:


You should credit me for inspiration, please!

Oh my! @__@; Seems like every time I search "Naruto" on newgrounds, I find a new parody! Well, this one was alright... I suppose. You need some work! I practiced for a very long time silently before I posted my work, so why don't you experiment for a while? Things need to move, besides their mouths. Even if it's just a change of pose, it will help.

Also, I would compliment you on your artwork, but watching closely I realized that you did base the really good ones off of screenshots... and... did you use my Technologic Naruto as a base? O_o; I recognize those handless sleeves...

Snes737 responds:

OMG!!! I love your work(make more:)) Yeah I did use the naruto in one of your flashes for the narutos! Wow I cant believe you reviewed it. Thanks for the input now go make some more flash!



Snes737 responds: