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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"

I Hate this Sh*t

This sh*t is the worst flash about Naruto. Even snow dragons first Naruto fanflash was better then this, and that was a very bad flash. Sorry for those I offened with this and to snow dragon, but it is the truth.

Snes737 responds:

1st off His first flash wasnt bad it was probably the best. Second of all ur a noob Id like to see you make a flash and then Id review it and destroy it :). 3rd Id like to say that your a idiot cause search for Naruto in the top and youll find things much worth :P


... not much to say... but.. never dare make a sequal or you'll surely burn in hell for it...

Snes737 responds:

Lol Im making another :p


that was just a cheap ripoff of ultimate naruto fanflash infact your naruto is almost exactly the same to the naruto at the end of ultimate naruto fanflash 2

Snes737 responds:

Ya know if you read the description you would know that its a tribute to snow_dragon


It was o.k for your first Naruto flash...you need to get a little more experienced with making these and maybe add some backgrounds next timd.It was a pretty nice flash,though=)

Snes737 responds:

Im working on number 2 right now and it has backrounds :0


Ummm....it was good.......it has nice stuff on there.......

Snes737 responds:

Thanks :D