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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"

Cool for a first.

Very nice. However... you probably should work on Gaara. He Just doesnt look right. Also the songs were a bit fuzzy... work on smoothing out the song. I recommend using Soundforge or something like that.

Oh... and by the way... I died a bit on the inside when Hinata was singing.

Snes737 responds:

Watch the second :)

what were the songs

what the hell were the songs

Snes737 responds:

There somewhere in the reviews :)


it was ok... i think it would have been better if u used backgrounds instead of just haveing white.

Snes737 responds:

Watch the secong :)


Dude, if you can't really draw all that well, find sprites or something. That'd be new for these Naruto-video like thingies. But, please...

Snes737 responds:

Sprites suck for lip synching :p and I cant believe someone accually likes sprites last I checked people dont like sprites!

This was just stupid.

I seen your second one, and I thought it wasn't to bad- but then I watched this one and seen your scene with Kiba was completely used ovr again (You just cut out Naruto and that other dood). Your Gaara playing DDR thing was re-used except with a little better animation- and the Kakashi thing was re-used except for the part were he gets shot.

Here's your reveiw for the second one (re done) And it is: -2. Cuz you have 2 things diffrent in your second one, and that shitty Orochimaru and Saskue dancing thing dosn't even count. And don't comment about how you know that scene is stupid too, it dosn't change the fact you put it in there.

Here's what I think you should do: TAKE OTHERS ADVISE. I see people saying "You are pretty good but you could get better." And you say "Thanks lolz" then get no better. And ectually ANIMATE people who are walking, their image bobbing up and down dosn't equal walking.

And don't use that whole "Well you don't have any flashes so shut up." thing. That's the most FAGGOTY ASS thing you can ever use and an excuse. Please put more effort into these and make them longer, or go kill yourself.

Thank you.

Snes737 responds:

Lol you take this too seirously :p and you can swear all you want but I dont care :) and you dont have any flash in the portal :p hahahahahaahahahahahahahaha. Yeah dont be so seirous, I do this for fun Im not trying to win any awards or anything :p. So HA!