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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"

Sorry sir, but you fail.

Well, let´s get this on:

1: The graphics were poorly drawn, bet the only library objects you used was 1 per character and a few mouths? What I mean is, the characters was like statues. They did not move at all, and that Gaara playing DDR was not even relative as he danced on random spots and got Almost.
Also, the perspectives. In the Hyuuga Hinata scene Naruto suddenly pops up and either Hinata has become a giant or Naruto has become a rat considering he stands in a 2D perspective.

2: The style was just lame. Taking an idea and tributing it is OK, but then put a little effort in it.

3: The sound was unrelative. With this I mean that the songs don´t make any sense compared to the characters.

4: Your skills as a review-answerer is poor. Everytime someone gives you criticism you desperatly try to make them sound like dumbasses when you are actually just embarrasing yourself. If they say you are good you just give them a "thanx :D". Instead please try to take some of the tips people give you (and I am not talking about "GOEZ HAGN J0RZLF", but the serious criticism I have seen you get and I am writing now). Do NOT try to get away from the topic by writing like "LOL YO HAV NO FLASHZ SO YOR POSST DUN COUNT" or "HAHAZ IME DOIN TIHS FR FUN DUN BE SO SERIUS". The people giving you serious criticism have more experience of good flash than you can imagine, even if they don´t animate themself. Please, I beg, take these words and use them well if you want to get better at anything. Everyone have to learn from mistakes, so it´s either listening or you have nothing at Newgrounds dot com Community to do, either as a flashmaker or reviewer.

Snes737 responds:

Wow that was long... lol.... Due to the 4th thing I really didnt want to respond, but I always do so heres wat I have to say, And the you have no flash in the portal thing was to a total noob who was being a noob :p and I make flashes for FUN not to win awards or anything I really dont care if you think its good or bad as long as I had fun making it and I like it, so hah... but thanks for not being an <insert swear word hear> and just say stuff like go hang yourself :)


ididnt care for it much. the animation.
and the last song anoyed me cause hinata is one of my favorit charicters and i didnt like her singing a song like a boy

Snes737 responds:


its okay for a 1st one

it was fine
you should put more movement to the grafics and put the credits for the songs in the end now im gonna see the other one you made
please do more

Snes737 responds:

Thanks :)

ttly sux

(...read title)

Snes737 responds:

lol, could have at least told me why...

very very good!

Very good! Shikamaru looked great at the begining! Keep up the good work!

Snes737 responds:

thanks :)