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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"


Saw this one second, and I gotta say, I like it best. ^_^ Very cool. Just one question- There was this black thing that came quickly onto the right side of the screen in the Hinata one, would you tell me what it is? O.o Or was it just some awesome accident?

Snes737 responds:

A picture of hinata in that one dancing episode

Not that good...

I can see by the amount of entries you have that you're new to flas...and by how this was done. I can see what you were trying to go for, but it wasn't as funny, and the flash animation was really boring to look at. Sorry dude, I'm about to watch your 2nd Naruto mix, maybe it'll be better...

The only thing I liked was the way you drew naruto.

Snes737 responds:

The 2nd one is better!


Gaara sucks at DDR, and why did you have "What would Brian Boitano Do?" in this?

Snes737 responds:

Cuz I can :p


OMG THAT WAS SO NICE!!! But i have one question..........what was the song Garra sang? I liked it and can you tell me what it's called?

Snes737 responds:

Bad Day by some guy :)


it was awesome i respect that u did it as a tribute and not as a rip off fuck those ppl also im from wisconsin woot packers

Snes737 responds: