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Reviews for "Naruto Mix"

not good

this was not a good clip, and thats nothing odd if its your first clip, still, I must say that the way you did put hinata in it made me hate this so much.

thats unforgivible.

better luck next time

pretty good but it could be better

that was a pretty good flash. i'm guessing that your favorite character is gaara right just because he was in there nore times than anyone else. it was funny for only one reason gaara doing ddr.


It was pretty good. The drawing weren't the best- they could have been better. The song for hinata wasn't a good one... a man's voice? Come on, Hinata is a girl. Anyway- add some movement in there... don't just let them stand/sit and sing... It takes the fun out of watching stuff like that


I really think that it needed a little more movement, some parts where just the mouths were moving were boring like at the beginning and when Hinata was singing, other than that it was good, I liked the choices of songs, Sandstorm for Gaara, very clever.

Gaara losing to DDR was priceless

Not bad.